The Truth

from by Flipperachi & Daffy

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The Truth

Chorus (Daffy)

Sometimes your eyes are lit with fire burning for victory
Cause I just have this passion endlessly
I just wanna break it down
And tell the truth
Cause everybody wants to break me down
To tell the truth

Verse (Flipp)

When I started with music I was
Full enthusiasm
Never thought imma choose it as my
Dream and my passion
My ears were kinda acoustic
But who would ever imagine
All I had to do was do it and
See everyone’s reaction
But I’m suffering
Yes I’m strugglin’
In this industry the hustlin’
Is only doublin’
Plus ain’t no appreciation
For what we achieve
Corporates couldn’t care less
They just want you for cheap
And what good are friends if
They don’t share and support
Most of them wanna see you fail
And call the mission abort
Cause my parents ain’t find
That hip hop or big and pac
So shuttin’ doors تكسر مياديف
Gettin’ stopped
When everybody around you breakin’ you apart
Cause they consider rap music is not a part of art
حاقرين الشباب بالقوة
Cause they don’t understand us
ضايعين احنا بالقوة
Just like gold in the sandust


Bridge (Daffy)

Night and day
Day and night
I’m on this hustle
And I’m so focused
Cause my dad told me
Life is a jungle
See I wanna be the best
Apart from the rest
And I know I got it
I just have to fight it
Cause life is a struggle

Verse (Flipp)

No matter the situation
Imma keep on the movement
With my ambitions and patience
Imma keep on improvement
Don’t care much bout the payment
As much as love what I’m doin
I stay writin them pages
And Outlaw still producin
But uh
Even with the 9 to 5
I’m still rappin
Guess I learned how to survive
How did it happen
When you know that time just flies
So once you put your mind to it
You gon be surprised
The hard work is the only thing
Different between us
Weekends spent in the lab
You might never believe us
But then we work all year
And give the credit to Biebers
Interviews, magazines
You give them all of the features
Not knowin who’s the hottest
Cause now it’s not about what you know
It’s all about who you know
Ditch the artist
حاقرين الشباب بالقوة
But nobody gon stop us
ضايعين احنا بالقوة
And nobody gon find us

Chorus (x2)


from 9arat, released July 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Flipperachi & Daffy Bahrain

Hip hop artists Flipperachi (Bahraini) and Daffy
(Kuwaiti), both of whom are signed to Outlaw Productions.

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