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It’s massacre
45 from Germany
Like my name was Adolf
When I hit a tank up in your street
Cause when I started most the haters
Underestimated me
Now everytime you see me shine
Remember diamonds ain’t for free
Flipperachi Bahrain’s finest
يبه لا تنساني
تبي تتحداني
بتضيع ويّه ربعك
اللي كانو قبل لأن انا
ربع الخالي
تحديك ولا يخطر في بالي
Cause you jump plastic penises
Like Miley
Your name will change to 7alal
Cause we murder MCs
بالشريعة، ذبح اسلامي
Don’t get the wrong idea
Justice is never taught by the mafia
You constipatin’ good deeds
Letting evil motion take over like diarrhea
Your booty look so damn fine to me
You probably do squats
With camouflage leggings
بس شماكلة امس انتي، طعمية
كلشي camouflage
Came in with canon balls
We cannibals
We more like hannibal
We animals
كل شي camouflage
From the air force 1 to the macintosh
They wanna sabotage
But I’m a man from mars
I gotta lot of heart
So i can handle wars


كل شي camouflage
كل شي camouflage
كل شي camouflage
كل شي camouflage
يبا كل شي camouflage up in here
From the ranks to the tanks to the entourage


It’s a massacre.
35 from Italy
Like my name was Mussolini
Droppin bombs next to your feet
Cause if you start it
Then I’ll end it
There gon be no need for beef
Now everytime you see me grind
Remember I have kids to feed
عطني المايك جل ابدل ثاني
Hit em with a weapon
Like an AK 47
And send em to heaven
إن حلمت تاخذ مكاني
7ata youm kint fe 7ali
كنت تتمنى اتكون بدالي
بس الدودة مالتك ترقص ميرينقي
فلامينجو ميت تبي اتصير اسباني
يبه i just had enough
Everybody’s all mad at us
Cause the faith of a hypocrite
Can never be owned
How come a muslim’s all tatted up
You be acting like you had it rough
All you do is puff pass and puff
It’s cool to me as long as
The struggle is hard
Otherwise your whole life
Is compared to a bluff
Envy the mission
Meet the villain
My bars gon need a prison
It’s repetition
Killin them beats for living
It’s the beginning
Everybody know we be winning
It’s creepy listen
The meaning of heat in the street
It’s completely given
My technique will defeat your whole team
Like meek milly
So don’t put me in your see through vision


Bounce (x6)
كل شي camouflage
Bounce (x6)
يبا كل شي camouflage
كل شي camouflage up in here
يبا كل شي camouflage up in here
كل شي camouflage up in here
Now everybody put your hands up in the air


from 9arat, released July 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Flipperachi & Daffy Bahrain

Hip hop artists Flipperachi (Bahraini) and Daffy
(Kuwaiti), both of whom are signed to Outlaw Productions.

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